Friday, September 26, 2008

Canon 40D Light Meter Error Example

Red Veined Darter Macro
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
The small image to the right in this post is the same critter that I'm posting as an example of the 40D's light metering problem when using the MT-24EX. I had to bring the exposure down 2/3 of a stop, so it was possible to recover the shot.

This next photo is the same critter and the exact same scene, but this image is more than two stops over exposed:

40D Light Meter Error Example

Keep in mind that I had the FEC on the MT-24EX set to -2/3 (via the 40D). The exposure wasn't just off because I set it wrong, it varied by two stops for the same scene. To make matters even more interesting is that I can change the 40D from Evaluative E-TTL mode to Average E-TTL mode and the way the 40D exposes a shot with MT-24EX won't change -and that tels me that the MT-24EX is not operating in Evaluative E-TTL mode when connected to the 40D -a problem I never had when shooting with the Xti...

Canon you really need to fix the metering system in the 40D because until you do I can't recommend any of your newer cameras because they could have the same problem. I'm not the only one who's had issues with the 40D and the MT-24 -see this thread at DPR or this post at Fred Miranda ...
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