Thursday, March 13, 2008


Miner Bee March 2008 series 1-3
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
I often get asked “What’s your keeper rate?” so I thought I’d share the statistics for a single shoot –the miner bee included with this post. There was a little wind, and I’m really picky about the composition of my images (that includes the area of sharp focus). So keep in mind as you read the numbers that I’ll delete images that are close to being the same, or if a photo is even slightly off I’ll can it. Someone once said that the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur is that a pro throws away more photos…

I posted a six image set of that miner bee on Flickr. I have another 31 images and some of those are duplicate compositions so I’ll end up deleting a few more. But I shot a total of 117 frames of that bee, recomposing for every image, before it got tired of me and flew off. I’ll probably end up with a 10% keeper ratio once I finish editing and or deleting the remaining images. But for an image like the one I’m including with this post I’ll gladly take a 1 in 20 keeper rate…
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