Friday, March 30, 2007

Drops on a DVD series 2-2

Drops on a DVD series 2-2
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
I've been melting my gray matter trying to come up with new things -I hate taking photos the same way that everyone else is doing them. It's like wearing black in a crowd that's dressed in dark clothing.

My images will never stand out if I copy what's already been done.

On the way to work this morning it hit me that I could probably lay my MR-14 EX flash head right on top of a DVD if I used an off camera cord (I needed some room to move with the camera and not drag the flash head over the DVD). This image is the result of a little experimenting with different objects to raise the flash head off of the DVD (at one point I was using a lens cap).

Be different, experiment, and stand out...

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