Sunday, June 24, 2007

Macro flashes and eating crow

Abandoned lot 2007 series 1-5
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
Back when I was using the MT-24EX I struggled with glare. It’s a very powerful flash unit, and the light that it produces can be harsh. So I added Sto-Fen diffusers to the flash heads and it still wasn’t enough. Then I stuffed a variety of materials into the diffusers and got close to what I wanted but it wasn’t great. Finally I picked up an MR-14EX and it seemed to solve some of the problems I was having but glare was still an issue.


Since I’ve got an MPE-65 coming in the mail I decided to give the MT-24EX another try. Like always I set the ratio control to 4:1 and set the flash heads almost 180 degrees apart –and I got that ugly glare. Mark Plonsky looked at my photos and wondered why I was shooting at a 4:1 ratio since he rarely uses ratio control at all and when he does it’s never more than 2:1. What he does to get shadows is move the flash heads closer together (not 180 degrees apart) or he changes the angle of the flash heads.

I really felt stupid…

I should have thought about it myself, but instead I was stuck on setting the flash heads at opposite ends of the lens and using a ratio that guaranteed a bad reflection.

*sigh squared*

So I turned off the ratio control and set the flash heads at a 90 degree angle to each other. The results can be seen in the photo attached to this post. Nice shadows and the only minor reflection that I got were off of the fly’s wing –not bad.

Thanks again Mark for getting me to think outside the box!...

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