Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Image Sharpening

I’m probably the wrong person to blog about sharpening images –especially since I just started doing it. But after reading several articles on the subject, and everyone agreeing that it should be done, I decided that I needed to do some sharpening. The problem is that no one agrees about how much sharpening to apply. I’ve read too many horror stories about people who had to go back and re-edit all their photos because they went too far with Unsharp Mask –and I just don’t have time to fix hundreds of photos…

So I went looking for something that would clean up the “haze” in my shots but not get me into trouble later. I found it in Photoshop Elements 5. I just use the Auto Sharpen option under the Enhance menu. According to the help file Auto Sharpen will increase the clarity of an image without the risk of over sharpening.

Since I started using this past weekend I’ve noticed a significant difference in the sharpness of my images –a difference that I can see without resorting to viewing a photo at 100% pixels. No guess work, no risk of over sharpening, and it won’t sharpen a dull image so I still have to nail the focus. As an added bonus it’s fast, so my post processing time is still less than two minutes for any single image.


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