Sunday, August 12, 2007

Photography Tip from an Engineer

Even if you don’t have your own web site, or know how to write a single line of code, you probably do have a gallery hosted by one of the many photo viewing sites on the web. You also have a first and last name –or at least you should. So you, like me, could go to a site like Network Solutions and register your first and last name. At the same time you can set up a DNS redirect so that when someone surfs to your name they get redirected to your gallery.

If you go to you’ll get my Flickr gallery –cool, no? :)

It may sound trivial, but it’s very convenient to register a domain name to use for your gallery. It’s easier for potential viewers to remember, as your photos become popular people will learn your name, and if you change your gallery to a different site in the future you can always change your DNS redirect to send people to your new gallery (it does take 24 to 48 hours for the change to propagate out to all the DNS servers).

Another advantage has to do with the signature that you use on all the forums that you post to. Since I registered my name all I have to do is use in my signature file to promote my gallery. If I change from Flickr to another gallery site I don’t have to go to all the forums I post to and change my signature –I just change the DNS redirect (and it’s very simple to do).

I’ve even registered and set up a redirect so that when you surf to you get this blog…


Unknown said...

Excellent idea. But there's lots cheaper places to register domain names than Network Solutions, and every bit as reputable.

Dalantech said...

Absolutely! I just used Network Solutions as an example -even mentioned that there where other places to register a domain... ;)