Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dead Time

Coins series 1-1
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
Just a post to let the three people who read this blog know that I'm still here -kidding of course (there are at least four of you ;) ). Not much going on right now. The weather is typical for January with sunshine one minute and rain the next. I wanted to do some experimenting with blending natural light and flash while shooting closeups but the sunlight is too "cold" today (way too overcast). So I shot some coins for a challenge over at the Fred Miranda Macro Forum while I'm waiting for better conditions.

I'll also be testing a new flash bracket soon. Novoflex makes one with adjustable rods that they call, oddly enough, a flash bracket with adjustable rods. Someone in marketing needs to go back to school for that one. No idea how well it will work, so don't go out and buy it yet -wait for me to play Guinea Pig and save your money... ;)

Hopefully the weather will start to warm up and I can get back to chasing critters with the camera...

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