Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Image Thieves

Several people decided to help themselves to the photos that I was posting on Flickr. Even though I didn't allow people to download the full size images as long as I had a Creative Commons license on the photos Flickr allows people to gain access to them -by design. Note to Flickr: That's just plain stupid...

If you want to see larger images then go to my Deviant Art Gallery where I set the maximum size to 1280 pixels wide and I can actually keep people from accessing full size images even though I have a CC license set on them.

I'm sorry I had to change the license on the images I post at Flickr -as much as I like to see the hidden world around me I enjoyed showing it to all of you more. But when you're a struggling amateur photographer who's trying to get published the last thing you need is for people to steal your images just because the coders at Flickr can't think outside the box...


P.S. I also have a Recent Deviations sidebar on the blog that shows the latest images that I've posted at Deviant Art.


Goshzilla/DannT said...

Shame people have to be that way. Too many are of the mentality that 'if it's on the internet, then it's free'. Hopefully it it didn't cause too much damage for you.

Spook said...

Lame thieves!

When the flickr folks are re-coding anyways, they should add another feature: When you download an image with the intent of passing it on as your own, your account should be deleted, your camera should be unable to focus anymore and your car should get 4 flat tyres the next time you're in a hurry to get somewhere.

THAT would be web 2.0. And fair.

montanaredeye said...

I agree the flickr thing is stupid, that same thing made me delete my flickr account and advise others to not go there unless they want they stuff stolen.