Friday, December 26, 2008

Portfolio Series 2008 Part 5

Fifth set:

Miner Bee at 5x by =dalantech on deviantART

Wild Honeybee III by =dalantech on deviantART

Everything is Hairy by =dalantech on deviantART

Guard Dog by =dalantech on deviantART

Hungry Hoverfly I by =dalantech on deviantART


john said...

I ask you some weeks ago if I could guide people to your site, you very kindly agree to allow this.

I have set up the Somerset Camera Club:
the members can learn so much by viewing your work and reading your Blogs.

Possibly even purchase some of your work. i am just letting you know that I have ask them to view your work for those interested in Macro and Close up. As you could teach them so much, and I know many want to learn.

I belive as photographers we should all respect other peoples work and progress the Art of Photography as and when we can. I have also made a point of warning the members or should I say reminding them, to talk to you and ask if they would like to use or purchase your work.

If you yourself would consider jpining the group, we could learn so much from having a person like yourself as a member, and would be honoured if you would do so,

Regards John.

Dalantech said...

Thanks John! I just joined :)