Thursday, January 22, 2009

40D and MT-24EX problem -I think it's fixed!

Future Flowers
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I went out into the field this afternoon with both the 40D and the 50D and I could not find any significant exposure differences shooting with the two cameras now that I've flashed the 40D's firmware to 1.1.1

Scenes that tricked the 40D's light meter also tricked the 50D, but the 40D did not fire the MT-24EX at full power and the slight over exposure would be easy to manage in post. Also if a scene caused the 40D to over expose a little using flash exposure compensation to decrease the exposure actually worked, before I upgraded the 40D's firmware changing the FEC would have little effect -the MT-24EX would just dump out full power and I'd genetically alter what I was shooting...

For now I've gone back to the 40D -the 50D's noisy sensor was driving me insane!


Goshzilla/DannT said...

I think I will be upgrading my firmware then. Thanks for the notification.

Dalantech said...

Glad to help! :)

Unknown said...

Do you feel like the 50D is a step backwards versus the 40D? I'm still using a lowly 400D and the main thing I lust after is having better high ISO performance. I don't understand what Canon is playing at if the 50D is actually noisier than the 40D.

In your experience of macro work do you prefer the 50D? How does it compare for general photography?

Unknown said...

Sorry, I meant to say :

In your experience of macro work do you prefer the 40D over the 50D?

Dalantech said...

There is so much noise in the 50D, even at ISO 100, that I do not recommend it for macro. I'd rather shoot with the Xti. I could see a difference in detail between the 40D and the 50D even without viewing my images at 100% pixels.