Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MT-24EX User's Guide

Portfolio series 2008-7
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
I've updated my MT-24EX User's Guide to reflect recent changes in how I'm using and diffusing the MT-24EX.


AB Apana said...

Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. My MPE65 and MT24EX just arrived and I have spent about an hour with it.

Your images, blog, and website were the inspiration for this purchase.

Thanks once again!


Kurt (OrionMystery) said...

Hi John, thanks for the guide. Been using the MT24EX a few times now. I find myself having to dial in up to -2 FEC!!!, especially at low mag like 1X. Is that even normal? Or could it be my DIY snooot/diffuser?


Dalantech said...

Thanks Apana!

@ Kurt: What camera body are you using? If it's the 40D then upgrade to the latest firmware (1.1.1 as of this writing). Make sure you are pointing the flash heads directly at what you are shooting. You'll have to watch out for scenes where the background is too far away to reflect the light from the flash (E-TTL is not perfect). It sounds to me like there is very little of the E-TTL pre-flash making it back to the light meter in the camera, but without seeing how you are using the flash it's tough to tell why.

Kurt (OrionMystery) said...

Thanks for the reply John. Yes, 40D with the latest firmware i.e. 1.1.1

I'll watch the flash head angle closely next time. Cheers :)