Monday, April 18, 2011

MT-24EX Diffuser Redesign

Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
A short and sweet video on my new diffuser design. You can see a sample of the light quality I'm getting with in the specular highlights and the texture detail in this Ladybug's shell.

Note: I originally cut the front of the Sto-Fen out because I was concerned about light loss. Since I'm relying on the flash duration to freeze as much motion as possible (to get sharp images at high Fstops) I didn't want to lose two full stops to the diffuser. But after a lot of experimentation with different diffuser plastics I am now using the whole Sto-Fen.


Unknown said...

Hi There

Just ordered the macro flash and also the stofen and Gary Fong difusers.

my question : What difference would it make to just use the stofens (without cutting the front away..) instead of the diffuse material you have added to the glass of the flash ??

Dalantech said...

@ Joska: I'm gonna answer you in the main blag post since it's a common question. The short answer is that you'll lose two stops of light.

Paul Dray said...

Hi John,

Just about to make myself some of these diy diffusers. Just wondering which lumiquest metallic insert you are using now. Is it the silver or gold reflection material? I think you did have the gold originally but from what I can make out in the video it looks like you now have the silver. Is this correct?

Also can you list the diffusion material you have hot glued to the flash heads please?


Paul Dray said...

Hi Dalantech,

I've just bought the MT24-EX and straight away made some diffusers using your design and the various items, stofens, puffers etc. Not yet gone out in the field to test but they look pretty good and very much like yours though it was only after making them that I see that you have your lumiquest material angled at the back to prevent a more open back look. I don't suppose you have the stencil design that you could somehow post on here or to myself to help me improve this part of my diffusers?

Also looking at your new photos and the tech info it looks like you aren't using any cto gel or white diffusion anymore. is this correct?

Dalantech said...

Hey Lastcoyote,
I just drew around a Puffer, and then added a little extra so that it looked kinda like a T. I am currently using White Diffusion with a 1/4 CTO Gel.

Paul Dray said...

I may have to get some more lumiquest big bounce material to try and improve it. I used the silver reflector rather than the gold as I don't want an over warm look to the photos. It looks like you used silver too.

I can't seem to get the manfrotto gel/diffusion pack here in the UK. Any good alternative you'd recommend? Also I don't really want to hot glue it to the flash heads as you do. How else could I do it do you think?

One other question I've got that doesn't really fit under this article. It's to do with flash backlighting. Just wondered what stand you use to hold your speedlite?

Dalantech said...

Hey Lastcoyote,
No idea on alternatives to the diffusion material -you'll need to do some experimenting.

For the 320EX I just use the stand that comes with the flash.

Paul Dray said...

Hi Dalantech,
Me again :)

Just wondered if you can tell me what white diffusion you have found best? I believe you originally looped some 1/8 white diffusion over the stofens. Is this the grade you use now or do you use full white diffusion?

I'm using the flash with my 40D. I found exposure to be quite varied but my firmware is the latest. I've read you articles about 40D problems with this flash. Is this still a problem?

Dalantech said...

Hey lastcoyote,
Pretty sure I'm using the full white diffusion. As for the 40DI think it has one of the worst light meters!

Paul Dray said...

Oh great..typical! Looks like I'll be getting a new Body next year then :)

Thanks for the reply.