Friday, November 18, 2011

Post Moderation Part Two

The latest technique that the spammers are using is to send a compliment with a link to a web site embedded in it, like this one:

"Always so interesting to visit your site. What a great info, thank you for sharing. this will help me so much in my learning.
security equipment"

Of course "security equipment" is a hyperlink to the site the spammer is trying to advertise.


You have my word that if you comment on a post, even if it's extremely negative, I'll approve it for publication as long as it's not spam. My intent is not to filter out any potential negativity -I learn from all of your comments. I just don't like having to go through all the comments to delete the spam.


Unknown said...

Yeah!..been having a lot of spammers lately. :( so, i know what you feel!

Rikk said...

I just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring your blog, No Cropping Zone on my blog Holy Crop! The post will be live at 9:00 AM US Central time on Friday, 1/6/2012. I have enjoyed reading it over the past several years.

There is no need to let this go onto the comments unless you wish. I didn't include any links.