Friday, January 6, 2012

Featured in Holy Crop!

When Rikk Flohr first contacted my via a private message at Deviant Art to let me know that he was featuring my blog I had mixed reservations. But after reading a few posts at Holy Crop! I realized that Rikk was basically saying what I have (that you need to get it right with the camera) and he's not a priest in the church of "fix it in post". Go on over and give it his blog a read!

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gmazza said...

I really liked the content of this Holy Crop blog, I plan to read more posts there with the time, as there are important compositive thoughts in several image formats.

Of course filling the frame with careful composition o get the higher resolution possible is an obvious concern esp in extreme magnifications.

Unfortunately, after a time I started to feel bugged by the 2:3 format, and wonder if more clever things could not be made in alternative frames.

By a tech standpoint would be feasible a 1:1 sensor camera (this could even use better the wafer space, and would allow much richer image choices, but I don't feel the smell of such sensor by the leading camera builders in the near horizon, so we continue to chase the composition to fill the sensor, but continue stuck filling it with 2:3 compositions.