Friday, July 25, 2008

Tutorial Updates

July Dragon series 1-1
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
Almost the end of July and only two posts *sigh* Where does the time go?! Sorry folks -it's "macro season" so I've been doing more shooting than writing. You can expect a few more image deconstructions next week as soon as I get back from a short trip to Rome and the farm in Gaeta.

I did manage to update two tutorials: Shooting Dragonflies with an old technique that I use to use for getting close to dragons that I forgot to add to the original and the MT-24EX Users Guide with a helpful tip if you've been having problems getting good exposures on subjects when the background is dark.

I like the format at Deviant Art so much that I set up a Turorial Section where I'll be posting all of my tutorials, and it's the only site that will have the latest updates.

At some point, probably after this macro season, I'm going to put together a book on macro photography organized by the different types of critters that I shoot with tips on how to get close to them as well as exposure information (flash settings, angles, etc.). I'm not sure if I want to do an actual physical book or an e-book. If you'd like to cast your vote for one or the other then leave me a comment.

Take care, and happy shooting! :)


BoštjanS said...

Thanks for the tutorials.
I would love to see a real book but it's probably going to take a while until it come to Slovenia there for I'm for both. :D

Spook said...

Physical book please! Man, I'd love to have that on my bookshelf!

Dalantech said...

Thanks bostjans and soren slim :)

If I do a physical book I'll make it available for mail order (probably through Mpix).

BoštjanS said...

At reasonable price I would definitely order one.

Unknown said...

I am totally not spamming but check out a website called . Online e-magazines especially for photographers you could realease a sweet book on there for free or charge.
I would definatly pay!!!!!

Dalantech said...

Thanks mack1time -I'll check it out!

Bugsfish said...

Hi John, fantastic idea, it will be a best seller, for sure.I want one dedicated and signed please.

So you are going to close this blog? we have then to follow your lessons in devian, thats right?

Dalantech said...

Thanks Javier :)

I'm not going to close the blog, but if you want the latest updates to my tutorials then you'll have to go to my Deviant Art site (I'll add a link to the index page of the blog). It's too much of a hassle publishing at multiple sites -even more so when I need to update an old piece.