Saturday, May 9, 2009

Field Studio In Action

Field Studio
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
I found this immature dragonfly early in the morning when it was too cold and wet to move so it was pretty easy to cut the grass it was perched on, carry it to a nearby park bench, and put it in the wood clamp for some field studio work.

The first sample image from that shoot is at F13 and 2.5x and the second is at F10 and 5x.

Gimme a Towel

Staring You Down


Unknown said...

I'd be interested in what lens / macro kit you used to take this wonderful set of photos. Brilliant!

Dalantech said...

Hey Stuart,
I take all of my macro photos with Canon's MPE-65mm macro lens and for the light I use an MT-24EX macro twin light with a set of home made diffusers.