Monday, May 4, 2009

Right Place, Right Time

Get My Good Side V
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
I found this honeybee sitting on a leaf of a plant that it was feeding from, not completely motionless but definitely in a daze. I think that they sometimes get a rush of sugar from the nectar that they collect and since bees seem to have a problem clearing out lactic acid from their muscles the sudden surge in sugar causes a corresponding surge in lactic acid and their metabolism tanks trying to clear it. At least that's my current theory -hopefully someone with a degree will chime in and confirm it or set me straight ;)

In any case the end result is a bee that can't seem to get away, and if I keep my movements slow and allow the bee to acclimate to me then I can get as close at I want. Close enough to hold onto the leaf she's sitting on with my left index finger and thumb, and to rest the lens on that same hand to keep everything steady for a 4.5 times life size shot. Link to a larger image -just click on the photo to make it expand.

The image is a single frame shot at F10, and I chose the angle so that I could make the most of what little depth I had by putting the area of acceptable focus as flat against the side of her face as I could.


Leslie said...

Absolutely blooming brilliant blog. Very informative and interesting posts. I'm making my way through them. Thanks.

Leslie said...

Further. Not sure about your thoughts, but sounds plausible. Something causes the bee to become inactive. Many occasions I too have been able to get real close and hold/move the leaf. Thought provoking stuff.

Dalantech said...

Glad you like the blog Les :)