Sunday, October 21, 2007

After the show...

Red Veined Darter series 1-2
Red Veined Darter series 1-2
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Every year there is an international bazaar at the NATO base here in Naples, Italy and this year two other photographers and I got together to split the price of a booth so we could sell photos. It was my first time trying to sell my work (outside of the local art shop here in town) and it went really well! I didn't make a lot of money -truth be told I probably only cleared fifty Euro (about 70 USD) after paying my share of the booth and my printing costs. But I made a lot of contacts and got some very valuable feedback on images.

I didn't think my dragonflies would be popular, but they were!

I sold two loose, 20x30 centimeter prints of the dragonfly in this post, and there was even a lot of interest in my life size and higher magnification images. The coolest part of the whole experience came on the second day when the manager of the base Exchange walked up to use and asked why were weren't selling prints at her store!

In addition to the dragonfly I sold a few abstracts and even a scenic of Vesuvius. Plus I picked up some great advice from a more seasoned photographer who's been selling prints for a while. So all in all it was an excellent learning experience and I want to do it again! :)

Footnote: A special "thanks!" to my wife who helped me get organized and who worked at the booth setting up and selling my images!


Concerned Patriot said...

Was great meeting you and seeing your amazing work at the Bazaar on Friday night.

My wife really liked the bug stradling two stalks, with yellow-orange background, and I'd like to purchase one on canvas for her in about 20x30, but didn't see this option on smugmug. Please contact me at, so I can purchase this work.


Todd Mercer

Dalantech said...

Thanks Todd! You've got mail :)