Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Novoflex Flash Arm

October Dragons series 3-4
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
Recently I ordered this Novoflex flash arm hoping that I could use it to support the flash head that I use for fill (see this post for details). The flash arm itself didn’t work out for what I wanted to do, but the ball head did since it detaches and has a quick release plate for the MT-24EX. So I’ve been mounting it to my Really Right Stuff flash bracket and using the ball head so I can position the flash head closer to the subject. The photo included in this post is one of many that I’ve taken with the ball head and I’m pleased with the results. The only down side is that the ball head does not mount flush against the RRS flash bracket, so I’m looking for something to act as a spacer.

Instead of buying the flash arm to get the ball head the Novoflex Neiger 19P Mini Ball Head should also work equally well and it’s about $55 cheaper. But at $40 it’s still pretty expensive...

Once I get everything ironed out I’ll post an updated photo of my macro rig and list all sources for the parts.

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