Monday, February 11, 2008

Working with the New Diffusers

Feeding Seed Bug series 1-2
Originally uploaded by Dalantech.
Just a quick note since I haven’t posted much this month –I’ve been busy shooting. I’ve been using a technique that George Lepp is known for, and that is using one flash head as a fill light (to illuminate the area) and another as a key light to bring out details in the subject. But Mr. Lepp used two normal camera flash units on each side of the lens. With the Canon flash mount for the MT-24EX it can still be done, and it’s really pretty simple: I place both flash heads as close together on the ring as possible, but I turn the whole ring assembly so that one flash head is centered above the lens (the fill) and the other flash head is on one side (the key). I place the key flash on the same side that the subject is looking toward, so that the key light is pointed right at the critters head. How does it work? Just check out the image with this post: shot at twice life size this Seed Bug was, oddly enough, eating a seed between the cracks in an old stone wall. The key light is on the left and the fill light is at the very top of the lens. Notice the detail in the bug and the absence of any reflections.

I’d say the Gary Fong Puffer diffusers are doing pretty well… ;)


pwnell said...

How do you attach those diffusers to the MT-24EX's heads?

Dalantech said...

With a hot glue gun. Warning: Will probably violate your warentee...